Sunday, March 21, 2010

in the hoophouse

The spinach is almost ready to pick! Lovely tender delicious and nutritious baby leaves...can't wait!
Also seeded in the hoophouse: lettuce for a fast crop of baby spring mix, arugula, radishes for harvest before the tomatoes go in for the summer....potatoes in the black pots for early new potato salad...yum!


  1. christina your hoop house looks so lovely and lush!! do you broadcast the seed or are the rows very close? what do you put in the potato pots for soil?(garden soil/ potting soil/a mix?) that is a great idea and thinking its something ava and i could do. it would be so fun to have her digging for gold (potatoes!)
    all the best

  2. Hi kelsey,
    Yes, I think the potato pots would be a great thing to do with Ava! (1/2 barrels work well for this too) I put about 4 inches of seasoil potting mix (don't want to use a mix with any synthetics in it) into the pot and plant the potatoes...then when they've grown about 4 inches, I cover them with a little more light potting soil and straw, grass clippings, etc and keep that up as they grow, 'til it reaches the top of the pot....
    Re spinach: I broadcast the seed thickly and when I begin picking, I thin at the same time, throwing the small plants into the mix, microgreens style. It makes a lovely, unique mix...sometimes I add some peashoots too, and calendula petals when I've managed to over-winter them. My customers seem to love it and we do too. It takes me about 2 weeks to thin it completely and then I continue to pick the leaves. Just before it's time to put the tomatoes in the ground, I take the whole larger plants out and put them in the freezer for winter.
    Have fun gardening with Ava!! :-)

  3. Hi Christina,
    Way to go Girl! Your hoop house is so full of Energy. Yours and the synergy of growing things. You are and inspiration to us all.