Saturday, April 9, 2011


Taking all the little herb plants from their plug trays and potting them up into larger pots full of nutrient rich soil is one of the hundreds of jobs (no wait, thousands of jobs) in the garden right now.  Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.  And Greek Oregano, and Spearmint, Peppermint, Pineapple Mint....Garlic Chives and Regular many lovely culinary herb plants for sale in the garden this year!

Thank goddess that Paulette is helping me with all this endless potting.  Here we are one day this week showing off our little pots of English Thyme after just finishing up 5 trays of Rosemary "Arp".

Here she is nestling all those sweet little rosemaries into their pots.  They're going to be so happy!

We had lots of thyme on our hands last Sunday afternoon. (oops, sorry, couldn't resist)

The thyme almost looks like a succulent of some sort when you look at it really closely.

A wee little rosemary.  Grow baby, grow!

The garden sage is looking really good.  

And so is the greek oregano....I can smell these as I type, even tho' I'm nowhere near them right now.

Friday afternoon was nice and sunny and Paulette was back at it, potting up the mints this time.  I think the smell of spearmint just might be my favourite one of all.

The peppermints are looking really good!...I think they're especially happy that the sun is finally shining on their leaves.

Last fall, in an effort to make things easier on myself, I decided to try ordering a few plug trays from Richter's Herbs....some for me to plant in my garden and some to pot up for plant sales.  A few less plants to start myself, I thought.  So I ordered them for spring delivery and they have arrived...I'm amazed at how beautiful the plants were after being in the mail for a few days.  They come in boxes like this, 3 to a box, each one wrapped in a mesh bag and all 3 layered securely without crushing each other.

These 3 were all in a box together.  Garden Sage, Lemon Carpet Thyme (heavenly scent) and Greek Oregano.  If you're a gardener serious about herbs, you'll probably enjoy visiting their website (even if just to browse the list of herbs!)...they offer plant plug trays and smaller plug packs and a great selection of seeds too.  And it's really helpful when looking for a special or unusual variety of herb that you just can't find anywhere at your local garden centers....or if you need a lot of plants at a wholesale price. 

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