Sunday, May 15, 2011

plants for sale!!

I really have been very patient about the weather...hardly complaining at all but today I've lost my resolve to not complain about the weather anymore.  After a torrential downpour all night long, a foggy mist that looks more like end-of-October (or even January) has lasted all day long.  I don't really mind the rain right now.  It's good for us here where we get long summer droughts...what's upsetting me is the lack of sunshiny breaks and warmer temps in between the showers.  What's going on?  My plants and I are all freezing to death and we think drying off in some sunny spring time weather for at least two days in a row would be nice....

These little black tuscan kales don't mind the weather so is ok with them.  They'll be for sale at the first Mayne Island Farmer's Market of the season next weekend.  I've tried something a little different to me this year with the seedlings that I start for sale.  Little trays with 6-10 plants in them for $3. each.  They're less work for me and offer up more plants to the customer for less dollars.  They just don't look as big and beautiful as the singles I've been doing in the past...but with a little care from the gardener who takes them home they'll flourish!

This is what it looked like this morning when I looked out into the forest.  Misty with soaking rain falling....geeez!

These little trays of sensation cosmos will also be available at the Farmer's Market next weekend.  It's just warming up enough to start hardening them off for the great outdoors....

Cardoons don't mind the cool weather too much. These new little plants are looking good.

The basil is shivering.  It sure can't venture outside the greenhouse yet.  These trays are packed full of little plants.  They're $3./tray and if you take a tray home with you, you'll need to prick each plant out (chopsticks work well) and transplant it into a larger container (yogurt containers with holes in the bottom are useful) so they can grow on inside for a while.  Hopefully by June it will be warm enough to plant them outside!!

Visions of summertime pesto dance in our heads.

Purple basil is wonderful to have in the garden, not only for the colour and flavour in the kitchen but for the lovely flowers and foliage in flower bouquets too.

Tumbler tomato plants!  Still too cold to put these little guys outside.  I've been starting and offering up these plants to Mayne Islanders for about 5 years now and everyone seems to love them!  I've started just over 200 this year and am getting calls everyday from folks asking me to set some aside for them.  They really are amazing little producers.  If you want to be sure to get some this year, give me a call and get on the list or come early on market day next Saturday.
They're a bit smaller at this year's May long weekend...everything's a bit later in my garden this time and I didn't want to have to heat the greenhouse too much to get my tomatoes as big as I could....goin' with the flow and I hope folks who're used to these being big and beautiful with flowers and green fruit won't be too disappointed....they will catch up and be just as awesome as in past years when it warms up....
I posted about them last summer....for more info on Tumblers go here: Tumblers, Part 1  and here:  Tumblers, Part 2

Some nice little dills ready to go out into their garden beds....

The parsley's looking great.  It doesn't mind the cool temps.  I'll have Italian Flat Leaf and Curly Moss at the market.

This peppermint is looking beautiful.  It also appreciates the long cool drinks of rain it has been enjoying lately.  The spearmint is looking lovely too.

I'll be bringing some trays planted with 1/2 peashoots, 1/2 sunflower shoots for home harvests.  They'll be planted so they'll mature over the following week and be good for salads at dinner time...just place the tray on a countertop or table and cut the shoots with scissors and serve!  Delicious, nutritious and oh so fresh!

A little bit of colour on a very gray day.  Looks like spring really is happening here and there along the way.  An arrangement I got to make yesterday for a Mayne Islander...tulips, azalea, viburnum, hops vine, grasses...I sure do love pink and orange together.  And the viburnum smells amazing!

We're all hoping for some dry and sunshine next Saturday for a fun first Farmer's Market Day of the season and for  Mayne Island's May Day celebrations too.  Maybe I'll see you there : )

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