Sunday, November 30, 2014

peashoots!! an amazing winter-time green snowed night before last, snow's still on the ground this morning and looks like it's staying icy cold out there for a few more days.

But tho' it's frosty on the greenhouse roof, the peashoots seem to be chill with the cooler temperatures...makes them so juicy, crisp, sweet and flavourful. With just a little bit of cover, they'll happily grow during our west coast winters, in low light, even when it goes sub-zero.  
They seem to love growing in our mostly unheated greenhouse these days.

In my little world, pea shoots are the absolute best homegrown fresh young n' juicy salad green around in the winter time...amazing that such a tender green grows so well when it gets cold.
And full of good things for ya too.....very high in vitamin C, vitamin A and folic acid.

I really think everyone needs to be eating lots of pea shoots this winter (and every) winter!

And y'all know where to get the ones I grow, right?!
But if you have some time, grow your own, I think you will love it! 

Just when I start thinking pea shoots might not be anything special (silly me), they somehow remind me that they go with absolutely everything and make everything seem very very special.  Especially when it's cold outside and no other fresh green things are growing.

Here are a few recipes that might give you some pea shoot eatin' inspiration for the winter...(but there are so many, if you go looking around online)
....and of course, you don't have to follow any of them exactly  :)

pea shoots with roasted pumpkin and avocado! (I'm going to add some pomegranate seeds to this too, next time I make it)

In any sandwich.
But I'm so making time to make THIS ONE!
look at those beauty pics of pea shoots in the naan'wich :) yum yum.

and of course, tacos! (don't these look delicious and good for ya)

a healthful winter salad (LOVEly photos!)

One day, I'll stop growing a market garden and I won't grow pea shoots for others anymore, but I just can't imagine not growing pea shoots for us, EVER...they've become a staple in our house and I don't think we could do without them again, as long as we live. Year-Round.  But especially in the Winter-Time.

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  1. your pea shoots sound tasty - are they snow peas or regular English garden peas? where do you get your seeds?