Thursday, February 11, 2010

when the cherry tree blooms

When the ornamental cherry tree is in full magnificent bloom and the bees are buzzing around the gorgeous pink blossoms as they were today, I know it's time to get serious about starting seeds for the summer garden.

Last fall, I planted sweet pea seed outside where I want them to grow (the flowers, not the edible peas) and I added some more outside a couple weeks ago in January.....and just to make sure that I will have lots of beautiful fragrant sweet pea flowers for bouquets this summer, I've planted up four trays indoors as my garden, sometimes the birds like to pull the new shoots out of the ground as they emerge so I like to be ready with replacements!

These sweet pea seedlings are getting quite leggy from low light but I've found it doesn't matter they get more leafy I'll pinch off the top tip which will encourage the plant to put out shoots making it bushier and help it to produce even more flowers.
The onion and leek seeds were planted in their starter pots in January and are beginning to germinate and grow, artichokes and broad beans too.....exciting times!! These are Redwing onion seedlings.

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