Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm back!

It has been almost 2 months since I've posted anything here!  A zillion things on my mind, so much to do and it's just so difficult to organize my thoughts to write a blog post.

Here's what the little circle bed above looked like around the time I last posted here.  Tiny little sweet pea plants, little red cabbage transplants and some little marigold plants.  The purple sweet alyssums were just seeds on the soil.  Amazing how things grow!

I really love these circle gardens.  Every year I have fun planting a few of them.  It's so nice when they mature into something that looks pretty much as I'd imagined when I first put in those sad little plants!  I think they'd be beautiful in a city front yard food garden.  

Cabbages are so beautiful at this stage of growth.  Who needs flowers?!  I've been lucky this year...not many of those nasty little white butterflies that lay their eggs on cabbages and other brassicas.  The little green worms can completely ruin a beautiful plant like this.  Maybe those pretty little yellow marigolds that are growing between the cabbages are helping.  They're said to deter the cabbage butterfly so looks like they could be working!

 The sweet peas smell divine, especially when the sun shines on them.

Last Saturday morning, while I was loading up the truck with everything I needed to take to the Farmer's Market, I stopped to take this photo of a few little handfuls of sweetpeas I was taking to sell (it was their perfume that made me do it!)  I hope to take some more little bundles this weekend too.  $2.50 for a bunch that will fill a room with one of the best sweet garden scents ever!

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