Sunday, May 26, 2013


I took a little time to stop and smell the roses a couple days ago and made this quicky rose bouquet just for me.  A mini rose vine in a vase, bringing the garden into the house for a little indoor beauty and aromatherapy.  such a joy!

Cécile Brunner has just started getting her bloom on in the garden and I'm loving it.  Summer's almost here!

I really like her care-free wildness, it blends in beautifully with the wild forest all around my garden.  This climber produces piles of nice stems with a few blooms and buds in different stages of growth on them, it's one of my faves for arrangements and every year, I make a few special order bouquets with this beauty.  Even after cutting and cutting, there are still many blooms left on the vine to enjoy in the garden.

So now everyday while she's blooming, I'll remember to sniff the air every time I walk by.

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