Thursday, January 9, 2014

purple daikon radish microgreens

I have some extra purple daikon radish shoots ready for harvest right now so I thought I'd package them up and offer them to everyone here on Mayne Island...I'd like to start up the idea of a once-in-a-while special that I offer when I try growing new varieties or try new ideas for why not start now with these purply beauties?!  

These are the purple-coloured microgreens that are in the shoot salad mix and I love 'em!  I wonder if I should pack them up on their own more regularly for folks?....well, we'll see....they were very popular a couple years ago when I sold them on their own at the farmer's market.  If you're on Mayne Island, you can find them at Farm Gate Store and Happy Tides this weekend.

Here's an inspirational recipe I found on-line for a beautiful, yummy, good for ya winter-time salad using purple daikon radish shoots  Doesn't it look good?!  I might just have to make this with braised black tuscan kale instead, even tho' it's no problem finding dandelion leaves in my garden right now, and some perennial arugula....a mix could be delicious, I think.  This idea and the photo are from which you might enjoy visiting for some vegan and gluten free ideas.

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