Thursday, September 30, 2010

busy as a bee

In early September the "Autumn Joy" sedum blooms are beginning to turn pink and the bees all go crazy for it. If you want to make sure you have food for the bees in your garden in early fall plant some Autumn Joy....they love it!! Both honey bees and bumble bees, butterflies and other little pollinators tooo...they all love it. On the day I took these pics I counted 36 bees...but then I stopped...there were more! Everything was a buzz.

Busy busy busy busy buuuuzzzzzybuzzzbuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzbuzz!

This happy little bee's fuzz is all covered in yellow pollen..see it? Pollination in action.

Here's some more info about Autumn Joy.

Later in September the blooms get a darker more vibrant pink and are beautiful arranged in vases and vessels. I made this one for me after I made three others that were to be used as table centerpieces for a garden client's dinner party. There was still lots left for the bees....
And thinking about bees....this is a film I'd really like to see: Queen of the Sun....maybe you would too.
And since I've just discovered the video on my's a little bit of buzz...turn your volume up.

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