Wednesday, September 8, 2010

cherry tomato superabundance

The sungold tomato vines that are growing in the hoophouse have been producing fruit galore these days!

They're such beautiful little things and oh so sweeeet.

I think they're best kept displayed on the table in a big bowl so that all who see them can pop one or two into their mouth as they pass by....yum, better than candy!

The red cherry tomatoes are also amazingly productive. All that I don't sell to my customers are going into the freezer to be thrown into winter slow cooker stews.....but some are being slow roasted in my toaster oven....

These are quite possibly the best tasting thing I've ever eaten!

Here's what I do: First I harvest and collect my homegrown cherry tomatoes, green and purple basil and garlic. I cut the cherry tomatoes in half and arrange on my oven pan with the cut side up.....crush garlic and place some on each tomato, a little sea salt, then chopped up basils on top of that and into oven (or toaster oven) for 4-5 hrs at 225 degrees....

Here they are just before going into the oven. Beautiful.
I'm so into these right now that I think everyone needs to go run out and pick their cherry tomatoes and do this with them, asap. Can't have a summer without this treat at least once or twice!
And if you're on Mayne Island and don't have any cherry tomatoes growing in your garden, give me a call (I have some for sale) and then make a note to self to grow some next year :-)

This is the display of my hoophouse cherry tomatoes at Happy Tides Health Foods at the Fernhill Centre. Tamara's clever "canned tomatoes" are 1/2 lb. each. They're available at Happy Tides all week long and probably next week too.....

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