Friday, September 3, 2010

This year's garlic crop is all sold out. Here I am moving some from the spot where it was curing and getting it ready to sort and bag up for my customers.

I harvested the garlic back in July. Time to think about planting next year's crop now. Here are some plants after I pulled them and cleaned them up a little. They are curing on a table in my outdoor covered workshop space. This year, I spread them out on tables and put them up on some wire mesh racks that I have installed in the rafters...see my photo of the garlic curing in the rafters here. Many garlic growers hang their garlic in little bundles to cure but since I have the space, I do it this seems less time consuming and works well too.

Garlic looks so lovely with it's stalks left on, bundled and hung in the kitchen....which is what I do with mine after it's cured and cleaned. It's easy to just take a clove from a bulb when you want to use some too....I've also noticed that garlic keeps over winter much better when the stalk is left on. I'm not sure why, but it works. Here it is hanging in my kitchen, waiting to be used up.

And below, all bagged up and waiting for customer pick-up. I give everyone the whole garlic plant so they can decide if they want to hang it or maybe cut the top leaves off and put it upside down in a vase (which is a fun way to display garlic in the winter!...see above link for a photo of that too)

If you're reading this and would like to pick up a bundle of garlic in a bag like this from the garden next August for 2011-12 winter eating, let me know and I'll plant some with your name on it :-)

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